Rotary Reykjavík International


Rotary was founded on February 23, 1905 in Chicago, USA, by lawyer Paul Harris. The purpose was for people with different professions and backgrounds to meet to exchange experiences and make friends for life. The name Rotary comes from the group's habit of initially rotating between members' workplaces.

Rotary is a worldwide professional network that makes humanitarian efforts. It is a politically and religiously independent organization founded by lawyer Paul Harris in Chicago, in 1905. Rotary's 1.2 million members are spread across more than 34,000 clubs around the world. Rotary came to Sweden in 1926 when the Stockholm Rotary Club was formed. There are today a little more than 26,000 members in the country distributed in a little over 550 Rotary clubs.


Paul Harris' basic idea was that zealots from different professional groups in society would share knowledge for each other for mutual benefit and to together contribute to peace and a better world. Rotary members are mentors to each other and others.

Rotary's core values ​​are service, friendship, diversity, integrity and leadership.

As a member, you are always welcome to all the Rotary clubs of the world. There is always somewhere to turn to make new contacts and gain knowledge. One day a week, the Rotary clubs hold either breakfast, lunch, or evening meetings with current lectures or study visits. This means that the members' social and general knowledge is constantly updated.